30 juni 17:00 – 18:00

Adam Taylor

Entrance 5€

We are happy to have again in Huis der Zotheid Adam Taylor.
Adam grew up in Oxford, England. The first son of two musical parents, he used to air guitar in the mirror before receiving a guitar around the age of 12. Nurtured by his family, Adam was lucky to have some great musical/life mentors along the way. Even though they might not have known it.
He went on to study at Leeds College of Music. After graduating a period of disillusionment set in, even though he might not have known it. He moved to the Netherlands and received a masters in jazz. Still more disillusionment, still not sure if he knew it.
Then it all fell down, he saw behind the walls. That is when his true music started to come out. Like a miner in search of gold, he plumbs the depths within to hopefully find something beautiful. But to get to the deep we have to pass through darkness.

30 September 16:00-17:00

Klara and Mihael getting together to creat some music.

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